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Posted by CLC on Dec 18, 2005

>>>>>>>>>>I'd question whether an extra amount of freeboard at the bow and no transom piece would substantially affect handling in waves given the same hull shape in the water, ie. straight keel.


The Pax 18 has 4.25" of rocker, which is a lot by any objective standard. I know of a lot of people (myself included) who use the Pax 18 in waves. Obviously a very wet boat even with a taller bow, but not unstable or particularly tricky.

I endorse Mr. Grainger's artful mods, which are a straightforward matter of extending the sides past the "destroyer" bow mandated solely by a desire to fit into the ACA 18-foot touring class. Looks good, and we are supposed to be having fun, right?

Pax 18

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