Re: Sea Pax

Posted by Dave Grainger on Dec 19, 2005

Here's what I added to the bow - it's about 6" longer than the Pax 18, and about 3" higher at the bow. I got a kit and added this shape to the side bow panels. Next time I would make a new bow panel to avoid the complexity of joining the pieces. After putting together the hull with the new shape, it was impossible to spring on the wooden deck. After trial and error, I finally beefed up the deck frame and used 1/8" Divinycell foam core material. This process involved springing the Divinycell onto the hull over the beefed up deck frame, temporarily fastening it to the hull with hot glue, glassing the top surface of the divinycell, making another frame over the top of the deck, carefully lifting the half-glassed deck/frame off the boat, flipping the deck/frame over, glassing the bottom of the deck, then reattaching it to the hull. It took a long time, but resulted in a smooth light deck.

In Response to: Re: Sea Pax by Howard on Dec 18, 2005