Re: time to complete cure

Posted by george jung on Dec 19, 2005

Great thread, very timely for everyone, esp. the newbies. I wonder if we all ought to be required to watch a video/DVD, or complete a 'mini-course' before accepting shipment of epoxy. I know I just 'dove in' when my first kit arrived. I was pretty careful, but learned as I went, and discovered along the way I hadn't been as careful, when I started, as I needed to be.

My biggest concern for Mullman is, he may have cooked the goose on this one. He describes a pretty significant reaction; he's sensitized. And it's likely his succeeding reactions may be even more severe.

Suggestions? Don't even think of using epoxy again until 1) You set up your shop for great ventilation; don't use any sanders unless hooked up to a shopvac, and consider running the vac outside the building, with the hose running out a window (even the best setup blows some dust out) 2) Consider getting an Epi-pen; have it on hand; make sure someone besides yourself is available, and actually knows how to use it. If you have an anaphylactic reaction, you probably won't have time to get the pen and give yourself a shot. And that is also not the time for your buddy to say 'where are those $$$$ instructions again? 3) Consider seeing an allergist. 4) Use a tyvek suit; wear gloves at all times. Immediately clean off any 'accidents'. 5) Goggles, or perhaps a 'hood'.

Sounds kinda nasty; maybe it's overkill; but it's what I'd suggest. Let us know how you come out on this...

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