YEP (more)

Posted by mullman on Dec 20, 2005

I am sensitized, NO doubt about it.

Just last Friday at work I needed to bond something so I reached for a tiny epoxy kit. It was completely self mixing in the tip so you do not have to touch ANYTHING. I wore gloves anyway for the heck of it.

I only SMELLED it for 30 seconds or so and the next day my underarms had a small rash. I'm SO freaking screwed...

How the h*ll am I going to finish the sailing parts for my pram? I fear she is destined to remain a rowboat...


Hindsight tells me that I became sensitized by my own carelessness. As an invincible male I assumed all the safety stuff (like many such things in life) was hocus-pocus.

Hopefully all this will help others - be careful and have fun!

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