For Mullman-

Posted by Charlie Jones on Dec 20, 2005

I posted this below, but decided to move it to a new post so you'd be sure to see it.

Here's the repost-

You don't HAVE to use epoxy you know.

People have been building boats and rigs without epoxy for years- decades, centuries even.

The centerboard, dagger board, lee board, rudder- whatever can be glued together with Resorcinol glue. It needs closer fits and good clamping, but it's a totally waterproof glue.

Or you could use plastic resin glue from Weldwood and glass over it.

The wood can also be covered with a fiberglass/polyester resin matrix. It may not give quite as good adhesion as epoxy, but it'll work.

Just don't give up on the sailing rig- there are ways to do it. John Guzzwell, who years ago built Trekka and sailed her round the world also got allergic to epoxy- he's built several boats since then- he just uses different techniques and glues.