Re: time to complete cure

Posted by FrankP on Dec 22, 2005

All the issues brought up in this thread are why I won't let my daughter help with any of the epoxy portions of the build of the boats (past, present or future). It's just not worth it to me to expose her to potential dangers (real or imagined) from the vapors and the confirmed dangers from epoxy dust or wet epoxy. She's not large enough to fit properly any of the protective equipment I use and therefore she's at a higher risk of exposure when dealing with this stuff. Despite her eagerness to help with those portions of the boat, and the joy I would have had from her assistance in building the boats, I just decided it wasn't worth it.

I have exposed my forearms a little to wet epoxy and got the fun rash to go with it. After that I started wrapping my forearms in plastic wrap (rubber gloves aren't long enough) on top of my latex gloves. Long sleeves and saran wrap make for sweaty work, but health is more important than comfort.

The vapors of all the other chemicals we use to clean/work on these beautiful boats are anything but inert so the advice to use all precautions is one I stick to quite ardently.

Good luck to all and thanks for an interesting thread.


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