Re: Epoxy Sins

Posted by Mac on Dec 22, 2005


Go buy a sanding belt for a belt sander - say about 100 grit. Cut it so it's a long narrow sheet, and cut a piece of 3/8 plywood to the same dimensions. Attach knobs or handles to one side of the ply - to make it look sorta like a plane, and glue the paper to the other side. Now you have a long semi-rigid sanding board which spans a long area and should remove only high spots - leaving a fair or level surface. I like using these boards in long graceful sweeping strokes - they have their own zen.

I know you have relaxing music piped into your shop - the Sugar Plum Fairy or the Nutcracker are good selections about now. NO ROCK! and NO EGGNOG!

Happy Holidays!

In Response to: Re: Epoxy Sins by Ed on Dec 22, 2005