Re: C-17 Maiden Voyage

Posted by Chuck on Dec 22, 2005


When I applied the glass to the cockpit coaming I wanted it to tuck under about a 1/4" all the way around. After applying the resin I could not initially get it to stay put evenly. So I hit upon the idea of using something to lightly wedge the wetted out glass cloth under the coaming. It turned out that the tongue depressors were just the right width to wedge lightly under the coaming and hold the cloth tucked in underneath as desired.

I was concerned about the depressors becoming glued to the glass in the process so I waited until the epoxy started to set and was still sticky but not quite so wet. This and the fact that there was only just enough of the blade under the coaming prevented any problem with the depressor blades getting glued up too. Also it only took a very light amount of pressure to hold it in place so once the glass/epoxy hardened a simple twist and pull resulted in them coming right out. There were a few that were a little stuck but torqueing carefully on them broke them free without leaving any wood residue. The end result was the glass cloth was snuggly epoxied up to the undersurface of the coaming just like I wanted with only a couple spots needing some extra sanding to remove bumps. Perhaps there are better methods for doing this but it worked well for me. If I used the depressors again I think I would put a little paraffin wax on the edge of each just to make sure they would not stick to the glass/epoxy.


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