Removing bulkheads

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 25, 2005

Gosh, I almost hate to tell ya, Kurt, but there's a real easy way to remove those fillets, easier than bashing them out. Figured this one out fer myself while doing the rebuild. I used a dremmel with one of those bits full of bumpy lumpy sharpies, I think it's called a grinding bit - looks like an evil metal ice-cream cone. With a carefully steadied hand, why that hard old fillet files away fairly easily as does the nice soft wood it is stuck to if yer not careful.

What did I do for Christmas Eve - nadda! Living in a room-and-board situ now and mom is outta town so I spent the eve only wishing I could start building something. That said, I'm heading to Great Salt Lake to meet Scott Baxter, Scott Campbell and Chris Ostiland to do some heavy water paddling. Might even do a forray up the Green River if'n it ain't frozed over. That is how I will be spending my New Year's Eve. If I can't be with my kids then I wanna be paddling somewhere, especially if I can do it for free.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Christmas Destruction by Kurt Maurer on Dec 25, 2005