Re: Removing bulkheads

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 25, 2005

Ain't that something! Just sixty lousy years ago, heavy water is something the Manhatten Project is sitting on with ten tons of ---> Top-Secret, and now, goofballs from CANADA are PADDLING in it! Dang! What'll they think of next???

I refuse to use a Dremel tool on something as large as a kayak; you're just way more surgical about it than I am. I hack, then bash, then use a metal worker's right-angle grinder to perform the post-mortem. But hey, you paddle in heavy water, and the closest I can come to that is telling you I paddled in some water with a slightly high Ph level. What a weenie.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Removing bulkheads by Robert N Pruden on Dec 25, 2005


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