Re: Removing bulkheads

Posted by Laszlo on Dec 26, 2005

Another alternative, which might be a little safer, is to use one of those neat little bonsai saws that CLC sells to take out the bulkhead in one piece, then use the Dremel with the rubber sanding cylinder and coarse paper to smooth down the lumps. Not only are you less likely to gouge into the hull, but you end up with a nice pre-epoxied piece of wood that you can maybe reuse.

Not that Kurt would ever use something that gentle. In the ATM world, rumor is that he roughs out his mirrors with a shotgun loaded with #80 carborundum. You don't even want to ask how he polishes them! :-)

Kurt, have fun on your new project, Bob have fun on the frozen rivers. Me, my wetsuit doesn't stretch enough to handle Christmas dinner, so I think I'll be having fun cleaning up the shop.

Happy New Year to all,


In Response to: Removing bulkheads by Robert N Pruden on Dec 25, 2005