Dangit, Dangit, Dangit

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Dec 26, 2005

I guess everyone falls for CLC's little booby trap sooner or later...

I was gonna say thanks for the sandshark idea. Where do you get 'em?

What I really wonder about is how you use a something like that, or a bonsai saw, without wrecking your knuckles on the hull interior? Or in my case, rubbing all the hair off 'em?

Lasz, polishing a mirror happens all by itself, if you do it my way. You use one of those swiveling piano stools with the mirror on it, face up. Coat glass with rouge, take off your pants, then surf the internet to your little heart's content for a week or two, and ta-da! A perfect sphere. Nuthin' to it. If anyone sees your bright red fantail for some reason, just mutter "IRS" and you will be taken at your word, possibly for the first time in your life.

Cheers, Kurt

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