Re: Dangit, Dangit, Dangi

Posted by Laszlo on Dec 27, 2005

I told everyone you don't even want to ask how he polishes his mirrors. :-)

Somewhat more seriously, that bonsai saw is so sharp, Kurt, that I find that I don't really have to apply much pressure. I just mostly guide it and give it the little bit of oomph it needs to actually cut the wood. As a result, my knuckles don't press all that hard against the inside of the hull, and when they do, I can quickly stop. That's the great advantage of hand tools over power tools - when it hurts, just stop whatever you're doing and no more damage will be done.

Craig's idea about wearing gloves is also very sensible and should work just fine.

Well, I'm off to wash a very disturbing image out of my head with the leftover Christmas wassail (probably need to use ALL of it - thanks Kurt).

Have fun all


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