Sassafras 16 Launch Day

Posted by David Warren on Dec 29, 2005

Finally in the water. Summer here (Australia), perfect morning for a test-paddle. Warm, glass-still water, not a breath of wind.

Hardest part was fitting it on the family "car" (used to be a truck until we left it out in the rain...!). All of three feet long with no roof rack. It was either that or drag it behind the motorbike!

Tried a variety of paddles and have settled on a pair - a stumpy, reinforced (read expendible)wooden dragon boat paddle for launching, general near-shore rock banging and tight direction changes, and a 63" (that's looong!) cherry otter-tail by Grey Owl for the deepwater and distance stuff. Sweet, springy and silent.

During the build (no kit and no power tools used), I departed vaguely from the plans for the decks (flushed/counter-sunk into the inwales - which are rebated to visually taper towards the stem - breasthooks and Tasmanian sassafras bookmarked veneers on the decks.

Here's some pic links:

Hmmm. I wonder what I'll build next... .