Scarfing Jig and stuff

Posted by Chris J. on Dec 29, 2005

I've had a few questions about my router scarfing jig. I had intended to use a low angle block plane for the scarfs but when I ordered it there was a manufacturing problem with the throat/cutter so I had to re-order and wait another 3 weeks. In the meantime I could not wait to start the project so I spent about 3 hours cutting and assembling this jig. It's just made of scrap 3/4" plywood. I set the 6:1 ratio on the side boards and set a fence then routered out the slots for the sliding base with a 3/4" mortising bit. The router's base just screws to the sliding base - then, with a 3/4" mortising bit I passed it over the 4 11" blanks that make up the hull. I gradually lowered the bit through 3 or 4 passes to ensure smooth cutting. In the end I had flawless, perfectly feathered scarfs that glued up like a charm.

I've also included a picture of the Chesapeake as she stands today - ready for glass cloth. I plan on starting that on Monday - The holidays have slowed me up a bit - too much wine. If anyone has any last minute advice for a first-timer about laying the cloth I'd appreciate it!

Happy New Year!