Re: Scarfing Jig and stuf

Posted by ben on Dec 29, 2005

That's one awfully nice jig. you wouldn't happen to have dimensions for it, would you?

as far as the glass goes, I can tell you what I did. I unfolded it over the hull and trimmed the bulk excess off of the ends, down to about 3-4" overhang. then I worked from the middle smoothing it with my hands pushing the wrinkles down from teh keel to the sheer. I first worked forward then stopped, went back to the middle and backward. I went over it several times, came back the next day, did it again, trimmed the overhang off of the sheer, leaving 1-2" and went nuts with the epoxy. so far it looks great. make sure that you don't use toomuch epoxy on that first coat, you don't want the cloth to float.

basically, you'll know once you get started how it's supposed to look, going clear, etc. good luck with it

In Response to: Scarfing Jig and stuff by Chris J. on Dec 29, 2005