New wodden mast

Posted by Darrell Hilton on Dec 30, 2005

I recently aquired an old 12' fiberglass sailboat. The guy that gave it to me had the Mast, boom and the sails. It's a nice little project boat. It is trimmed out with mahogany, although most of it needs to be replacement. The wood mast has de-laminated and has warped severly. It is beyond simply repairing it. It needs a new one, fortunutly I have the old one to use as a pattern. The boom has a pretty good split in it, so I have to replace it also. I am a general contractor so I'm used to working with construction woods but I have no idea on what kind of wood to use for the mast & boom. Any advice I can get on wood types and lamination procedure would be greatly appreciated. Any suggestions on publications that might be helpful?