Building wooden surf boat

Posted by Chris Jones on Jan 3, 2006

Hi everyone!

I have bought and read both 'The New Kayak Shop' and 'The Strip Built Sea Kayak' with a view to building my own wooden boat. However, I want to build a boat of my own design, specifically for surfing, that will be 6' 4" in length. Whilst I have no doubt that I can build an excellent planing hull from Ply I am not sure as to how flexible I can make it when it comes to forming the deck.

I am fairly certain that I could achieve my required deck contours using the strip method, but for simplicity and ease of construction I would rather use plywood. I am just not sure that I can form the plywood to my required shape.

Does anyone have experience of a similar type of build (playboat for example), or does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about the best ay to procede with this project?

Many thanks for your input,

Chris Jones