Typos! My FAVE!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 4, 2006

Dang, Lee... THANKS. Things was just fine this morning, but now I can't make heads ner tails of my cockpit. Except that it has a bunch of minicell bits glued in here and there, and that a coaming surrounds it.

And 'combing' is a verb, George. At least, I believe it is. I mean, it ain't like I got tons more education than you (Yup, 6th grade was the best three years of my life alright).

It does my poor ol' heart a great deal of good to hear John describing this uncommonly common gaffe as colorfully as he does. Make no mistake, folks, he MEANS it. And so do I. And so will George once he gets back from his remedial English night classes. Lee probably does too, but he's too busy trying to figger out where his thighs and and where his knobby knees begin to worry with it just now.

Say, y' reckon there's anyone building a boat around here? Maybe we could talk about it fer a spell, for a little change of pace?

Cheers, Kurt Maurer

(Who'd be coaming his hair right now if he had any hair left to coam.)

In Response to: nomenclature and typos by LeeG on Jan 4, 2006