What I've been up to

Posted by J. Schott on Jan 4, 2006

Things have been kinda crazy 'round my house lately and I'm glad to be starting a new year. After a round with kidney stones, a root canal gone bad, my dog passing away 4 days before Christmas and the normal holiday stress. The garage seems to be the best place for me lately. Kurt asked the question in another thread, if anyone was building anything, and that convinced me to come out of hiding.

Some of you may remember my "controversial" boat that I used carbon cloth in the cockpit and the large makore onlays. After using it all summer the onlays developed some blisters when exposed to the sun. Being obsessive/compulsive, I couldn't stand to accept the blisters and attacked the deck with a heatgun and a chisel. After some creative brain farts, I decided to loose my mind even further and add MORE onlays in a different wood species, maple. So a couple of opposing stripes were added (adhered more securely). Then disaster strikes, the bow onlay splits beyond repair and I didn't have enough maple to make another. So the brain goes to work on another solution, and it hits me, I'll add yet another material to fill the gap. I had some more carbon cloth left over, so on it goes. The whole time I'm putting this stuff on the thought keeps running through my head, "the wood kayak purist are not going to like this". So keep in mind, the carbon on the deck is for appearance only. After all the transitions are smoothed out on the new design a fresh layer of 4 oz. cloth will be going on it, and hopefully I can leave well enough alone. I've included a link for some pictures, and if you click on "ckayak17" at the top left of the page you can see what it used to look like. This whole project has been an excersize in problem solving. That's what I get for asking the question "What if I?". I did finally come up with two name possibilities, "Enigma" or "Paradox". I came up with those since the materials and modifications are not the normal method.

The next project should be simple. My family has agreed to chip in for a Jimmy Skiff for my Dad. I'll be building it for Fathers day. My parents have pulled up stakes and moved to their new house on the water. He has stated several times that a skiff would be nice to have and he's gonna get one, hand built by his sons. It will be a special boat and I'm really looking forward to building it. Well that all for now-Joey

Photos from "Schott Skunkworks"