John, Ken, Lee, & Walt

Posted by Chris Jones on Jan 5, 2006

Thanks to you all for your responses:

John; a surf boat is designed specifically for riding ocean waves and can best be described as being similar to a wave-ski but with a deck.

Ken; MAGIC, thanks very much!!! I've seen pictures of this boat before but could not for my life remember where or how to find them again. I will definately go and have another look and make attempts at contact...

Lee; thanks, as above, this is definately the way to go!

Walt; thanks very much for your offer. I have the DVD but would very much appreciate a set of plans. I was going to build a Surfyak first, to get my eye in, but it is very different from what I had intended to build. Do you have any pictures of your finished product or any hints/tips you could share? If you have you could email them to me at [email protected]

Many thanks to you all,


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