Aw, Thanks... Blushhh

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 5, 2006

Kerry sez: "Just seeing John's kayaks make the trip worthwhile..."

Well, it's true... John's kayaks ARE genuine objects of beauty. UNLIKE MINE, which are officially registered as felony retina offenders that kill the very grass they sit on. Thanks, Kerry.

But lissen, man... the times, they are a-changin'. I've been working on my Outer Island for a few weeks now, and will be working on it for a few weeks more... all cosmetic efforts specifically to make it a ---> Caldeira Killer. This baby is gonna look so good it'll take a plastic surgeon to remove the awe from your face after you have graced your eyeballs with it. Yeah!

Oh man, and speaking of cool boats... Y'all have GOT to see the Ch17LT Charlie Tuna built for his sweetums. I saw it in the flesh a couple months ago, and the treatment he gave the erstwhile standard CLC cockpit is just fantastic!!! Yes, with three exclamation points!!! Super cool deck onlays, too. Santa really needs to bring ol' Charlie a digital camera one of these years, instead of the usual lump of coal.

Cheers, Kurt

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