Re: What I've been up to

Posted by J. Schott on Jan 5, 2006

The only problem with that guest room is your gonna have to kick me out of it. Better yet, you keep the guest room and I'll stay in their floating condo they call a boat. I think it's nicer than the house!

Kurt, the plans have been set for a really loooong road trip to TX. Lisa and I are going to Charleston for the East Coast Kayak Festival the weekend before the bash. She is flying back home and I'm continuing on from there. Should be in TX by wed the 26th.

As far as the carbon heat problem, there are many carbon COAMINGS (just for you Kurt) and full carbon boats out there. So I don't think I am breaking any new ground. My cockpit held up perfectly last summer. As far as soft epoxy goes, I'm dealing with that as we speak. It's just too cold in my garage for it to completely cure. I set the boat outside today so the sun could warm it up and it was foggy most of the day. After all the problems I've had lately, I'm thinking about switching brands. I got a new heater today to help the temp in the garage. Better go check to see if I'm burning the house down!-Joey

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