Passagemaker Dinghy?

Posted by Loren on Jan 7, 2006

I've looked through almost a year's worth of posts and find no mention of the Passagemaker Dinghy. Does anyone have any experience building and/or sailing this boat?

I'm looking for 2 dinghy sized boats to teach my kids to sail. They need to be big enough for one parent and one kid in each, but small enough for the back of a pickup truck.

I've been condsidering a pair of Walker Bay 10's - inexpensive but well built plastic boats that would arrive at my door ready to go and be almost zero maintenance.

Then, researching and surfing, I came across CLC and, sure enough, found the Passagemaker Dinghy which seems to fit the bill.

I'm a fairly experienced woodworker and wouldn't have a problem building them I'm sure.

Any comments on the building process and, specifically, the Passagemaker Dinghy as a sailboat trainer would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.