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Posted by David Bixby on Jan 7, 2006

Mark, The sail I am using has a brailing line so that I can pull one line and instantly close up the sprit and sail against the mast. Everything is stowed vertically and there is no boom in the way. I have come to really appreciate this set up. If I were building a John's Sharpy, I would definatly consider a pair of sprit rigs. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was finding a good way to sheet the boomless sail on the narrow rear end of the Skerry. On the Sharpy this would be easy.

Mark or anyone else: If you are interested in this rig, you can read about and see pictures of the process I went through to set it up so it was reefable and could be brailed. There is also a discussion of my conversion to a boomless sail on the Skerry builder's forum (link below). Do searchs for "boomless" "reefing" and "brailing"

Skerry Builders Forum at Get-Outside

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