Posted by Ken Leffert on Jan 8, 2006

When I first looked at your pics yesterday, I thought there were some extra folds in your glass cloth. Now that you put more pictures up today, I see that these are features in the woodgrain. This boat is going to look great.

Are you planning on doing the epoxy sanding by hand as well? Thats how I did mine, a couple of years ago, and it turned out nice. I think yours is off to a better start, though. Don't be afraid of the extra work in hand sanding the epoxy, its really not as much work as most seem to think. Still very dusty, though. Can't skip the protective equipment, and it is a bit messy.

Although you're not seeking any advice, I do want to offer some if you are planning on hand sanding epoxy..... don't skimp on the sandpaper! The only thing more fun than sanding (if there is such a thing) is hearing a SLIGHTLY used piece of sandpaper falling to the floor.

In Response to: Some new pics by Chris J. on Jan 7, 2006