Re: Awesome!

Posted by Ken Leffert on Jan 8, 2006

I don't know about that "vet" stuff, I'm a veteran of one boat total, unlike most of the regular posters here. That's part of why I've become a regular lurker. Every once in a while I see something that I think I need to get in on. Hopefully, we'll get other opinions here, too.

I have been doing a little glass work lately, changing a few things around on my boat, and I like foam rollers for both epoxy wet-out and fill coats. I've gotten rollers from CLC, don't know how they compare with what you're using, but they're really thin foam, maybe 1/8". The foam rollers do leave bubbles, the bubbles need to be tipped. No big deal. The only thing I would change over what you are doing is that I use disposable foam brushes for tipping. They work fine, they're economical, and you're not tempted to try to clean and re-use them (use them for one tipping on the deck or hull, and toss 'em). You're not exposing yourself to lacquer thinner, acetone, alcohol, or some other cleaning solvent that probably isn't good for you. Same thing goes for a lot of cleanup..... why grab a quart of lacquer thinner and a rag when you really just need a dry paper towel?

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