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Posted by Peter Eipers on Jan 10, 2006

George- That is indeed Capt. J.R. Braugh. My wife and I sailed with him last September. We've also sailed with Capt. Joe Leidenfrost. Both men are excellent captains, and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously on both trips. Capt. JR has the added bonus of being a very good guitar player and singer, and entertained us a couple of nights during our cruise. Some video I shot from the cruises can be found on my web page. The "trailer" is from our last cruise. I hope to finish the the full length film soon. (As soon as I finish my Passagemaker!)

The Mercantile's sister ship, the Grace Bailey, was on the railroad in Rockland while we were there. To stay on topic, there is a yawl boat visible in the foreground.

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