Re: Batten material

Posted by Chris J. on Jan 10, 2006

John...I just ripped a couple of 1" strips off a 12' piece of 3/4" MDF board. Any big box home supply store has this material in 1 foot widths for shelving etc. I then scarfed together 2 pieces for a 24' batten (I cut it down to 20'). The MDF curves uniformly and it's cheap. See attachment below

I cut my panels in stacked pairs with a sabre saw. First I put a dab of hot glue on each end of the blanks (in an area that will end up as scrap). This held the pair together as I moved it along and reclamped it to my work table. I took it slow and then just had to clean up the edges with some sandpaper on a block. The panels stitched together perfectly with no gaps. Hope this helps.


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