Ya hungry Kurt!

Posted by J. Schott on Jan 13, 2006

Too many food related references, but that gives me an idea. I'll make a rotissere, varnish, throw some heat on it, and spin it. No more runs! All kidding aside, The lamps are set at a distance that keeps the surface warm. I should have put a disclaimer in my last post that they do get hot. I've measured the surface temp with a laser thermometer and it's staying between 90-95 deg. Rick, the design is all onlays. The big stripe is mottled makore veneer dyed cardinal red. The lighter wood is curly maple and of course my "favorite" carbon fiber accents. If I ever do onlays that big agian, I'm taking the materials to a cabinet shop with a vacuum press to adhere them to the deck, they were a pain. Smaller designs are quite easy and CLC has a shot tip that outlines the way to apply them. And Kurt, if you need my buffet at TKBB, let me know.-Joey

In Response to: Mmmm, Yummy! by Kurt Maurer on Jan 13, 2006