Re: Waves after epoxy

Posted by Howard on Jan 14, 2006

the shop tips has a nice way of explaining this:

in the approach that i have used, after the major sanding that makes the surface fair, i usually do a final, very thin, coat of epoxy to fill any minor imperfections. that final coat of epoxy would only be sanded with sandpaper between 150 and 220 becuase all the major leveling of the surface has been done in a prior round of sanding. the "final" sanding is very light becuase the surface should have already been very fair.

this final coat would also take care of any bit of sanding that went into the cloth and ensure a nice, smooth, properly sealed boat.

it would typically also occur after the deck and coaming were complete. this way, all the heavy epoxy work has been done and you have had a chance to deal with any major runs and bumps.


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