Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 14, 2006

While playing Madonna's "Like A Virgin" in the background, lemme tell y'all what this Texas boy done today. He went and played sea kayaker in the winter, for the first time ever. Wowza! Got my truckload of NRS neoprene yesterday, and tried it out today in 55-degree water and 45 degree air temps. So you can stop lookin' at me like I'm some kinda weenie, y' hear?

So, how'd I like it? I didn't, that's how. The layers of rubber and gore-tex and whateverthehell that other crap is alternately kept me toasty, and a just tad chilly, and mostly bottled me up like some kinda human sausage. All things considered, I like warm water and hot weather TONS better. But hey, now I'm COOL (yes, stinkin' pun intended). Boy, where's Joey and his heat lamps when you need him???

By the way... Joey, I've taken the liberty of signing you up with Charlie Tuna for his Fish Fry Crew at the Bash, so now you're committed. Your job is gonna be to to keep the fillets and hushpups piping hot, your yak. It's gonna be great.

Cheers, Kurt