Posted by J. Schott on Jan 14, 2006

Where where you paddling? I didn't think the water temp got that cold down there. As for being committed, should have been a long time ago, just ask my wife. Hell, if I keep it up she's gonna need to be commited. Look on the bright side, paddling in cold weather weeds out all the undesirables on the water. ie; jet skis, boats towing inflatable whatever and not paying a bit of attention to where they are going, jet skis, drunken boaters and jet skis. I went out to do a little fishing last month and only saw two other boats out. I didn't catch anything but it was a very pleasant paddle even though there was frost on the deck. It was so quiet that all I heard were dogs barking off in the distance and a guy praticing his chip shot in his back yard. It was pretty neat. Yeah you have to wear a lot more gear, but the peace and tranquility is worth it.

The roasting and fish fry thing got me thinking. I'll have three days to find something to do while I'm there before TKBB, if you need any help let me know. If you need a fishing partner, let me know that too. I would give anything to do battle with a Texas red, fish that is.-Joey

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