Re: Ahem!

Posted by Mac on Jan 15, 2006


How come I just KNEW you'd wake Robert up?

What you described re water/air temps are tee-shirt paddlin' conditions up here.

You paddle with 18 foot gators we paddle with 18 foot polar bears (not true - but I DID come across a massive moose swimming between islands here in the mighty Saint Lawrence - and he weren't wearin' no noeprene.) Just like most water critters, he was way less afraid of the kayak than canoes or other small craft. This must have been the only time this year that I had no camera - I'm still using film and thought the temperature was too cold to take the old Pentax along - 'sides what are you gonna see in January?. That'll teach me.

Anyhoo, you guys enjoy the Bash and post pictures for your ice-bound, land-locked neighbours to the north, eh?


In Response to: Ahem! by Robert N Pruden on Jan 15, 2006