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Posted by CLC on Jan 15, 2006

>>>>>>>Instructions suggest installing optional 6" deck plates on the centerline of the boat in the bow and stern bulkheads. But won't the bow center position be blocked by the mast step support? Any thoughts, pro or con, about moving this plate to one side or the other?


In the standard Passagemaker, the forward inspection port will have to be offcenter. This is remarked upon on Page 83 of the manual, third paragraph.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Also, I recently received my sail kit. I was just curious what type of wood the spars and the tiller are made from? The tiller is a nice looking piece of wood- could it be teak?


The tiller is Spanish cedar.

>>>>>>>>>I'm guessing the boom and gunter spar are pine, or maybe spruce? But then, I am definately no expert. But I was just curious, and wanted to be prepared if anyone ever asked me.


The boom and yard in your kit are cypress, although we sometimes use white spruce for those.

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