Re: Skerry Egress?

Posted by CLC on Jan 15, 2006

>>>>>>How wide of a door is required to pass a completed Skerry?


With care, the Skerry will go through a normal doorway. We've done it, as it's a normal-sized door that separates the showroom from the front workshop unless we feel like carrying the boat outside through the roll-up doors.

More specifically, the Skerry could be levered through an opening measuring exactly 22-3/4" x 57-1/2", smaller than you'd think.

I once designed and built a 15-foot strip-planked electric-powered launch, which I built in my living room. Here's a photo of it coming out the front door. The tolerances were 0.00" in width. The two white strips on the ground on the lower right are some bits of 1/4"-thick trim that had to be removed when it became clear how close a shave it was going to be.

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