Re: Ahem!

Posted by Mac on Jan 15, 2006


Got a Sister-in-Law in Houston. I won't even visit her in the Winter! If'n I had to live down there I'd just turn into a grease spot on the driveway.

My wife, on the other hand, visits any ol' time of the year and drives down to the beach at Galveston to fry in the sun. These French Canadian girls were seriously misplaced by fate here in Quebec. Maybe that's why they all gravitate to Florida when they kill off their husbands - er - retire.

I'm gonna ask John Harris to install a fireplace in the yet-to-be-announced Beta version of the SOT, and ship one to me and Robbo. We'll test it year 'round with an optional rag top and chimney for ice fishing.

Forgot to ask Kurt, did you roll? I mean you were doing this to test the neoprene? Before it gets REALLY cold?


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