Did I ROLL???

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jan 15, 2006

Is THAT what you asked??? Why hell YEAH I rolled, you northern nut case! I may be a southern sissy, but I ain't THAT BIG a weenie.

Seriously, there was a not-so-long-ago time when mere paddling would do it for me; but ever since learning to become one with the sea, well, I must be able to become one with the sea in order to get my proper jollies. Or in other words, being in a kayak, but needing to stay dry, is like getting a basket of piping hot, freshly baked yeast rolls... with no butter. Capital G in Geeeez (or for West Coast readers, capital B in Bummer).

Playing in cold water is really not a big deal at all. It's having to put all that crap on, and then figger out a way to get all back off and into warm dry NORMAL clothing that gave me fits. But who knows, with a little practice I may come to ridicule my current self some day (God knows it's hapened before). Or maybe I just need to move to Hawaii. Yeah!!

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