square sterned canoe

Posted by LeeG on Jan 17, 2006

yeah, the name isn't a good one for the associations.

I think if the kits stay under $1000 and are car toppable it's going to sell more than trailerable designs. Unlike the sailing rig kits that require a specific option there's already an existing customer base of people with trolling motors sitting in their garages. So a $1000 kit will get in the water using what the customer already has as opposed to buying a $1000 kit that requires a specific $1000 sailing option or $800 rowwing/oars option. There's a lot more pot bellied guys like me willing to plop a trolling motor on a pretty square sterned canoe than there are pot bellied kayakers ready to make the next 21" wide 17' kayak. Look at Wilderness Systems Pamlico 165 with a trolling motor then think of a small one/two person s&g jon boat.

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