Beveling (p17) Shearwater

Posted by korinthe on Jan 18, 2006


Apologies if this has already been answered in the forum; a search didn't turn it up.

I am about to do the beveling (Step 2) for my Shearwater 16. Read the instructions at least 6 times and there are some points of confusion. The photo is a bit washed out and I want to make sure I do it right...

In paragraph 2, what does the phrase "right through the middle layer" mean? If I am reading correctly, the bevel at the ends of the keel joint should not cut the whole edge of the plywood, but should only cut off half of the edge (2 mm depth of a 4 mm thickness of plywood). Is the bevel supposed to cut deeper as it progresses towards the middle of the keel, or should the lower 2 mm of the edge remain untouched throughout the length of the bevel?

Here's a picture (drawn to scale). A 45 degree taper for a 1/8" bevel (left side) would NOT go through the middle layer, but the photograph seems to show the right-side case. I hope this clears up the question and makes a definitive answer possible. Diagrams in the manual would help us visual types (hint hint). :)

In paragraph 7, "the outsides of the deck side panels should all be beveled" -- this is the face of the panel that is visible from outside the boat, yes? So the deck side panels and the side side panels will slip-fit together a la plate tectonics?

In paragraphs 8 & 9, same question regarding the deck pieces -- are we to bevel the face that will be visible from outside the boat?

Thanks for any light you can shed on the matter.