Posted by CLC on Jan 18, 2006

There's one thing missing from that page, and that is a prominent caution that precision in bevelling the panels prior to assembly is not necessary.

You could actually assemble the Shearwater without any bevels on the panels at all; our other kayaks are done that way.

Knocking off the inside corners where the panels meet, however, will create tighter fits. Applying a bevel of roughly 45 degrees (just using your eye) to the inside edges where panels meet is all that's necessary. Up at the extreme bow and stern you could make a sharper bevel if you feel like it.

Once you've assembled the boat and epoxied the interior, you're going to aggressively round over the outside edges in preparation for the fiberglass sheathing. So a lot of the bevelling work turns into sawdust.

In Response to: Beveling (p17) Shearwater by korinthe on Jan 18, 2006