ch17 seating ideas?

Posted by ray on Jan 18, 2006

Happy new year

Its been six month since i finished building my ch17. The boat has now covered many miles and is an absolute joy to paddle. It performs well in all conditions.

My longest trip has been a week long self contained (camping) paddle around some of the western isles in scotland. The luggage swallowing capacity is awesome. The only downside to this is that I frequently have to carry the gear that friends cannot fit into their narrow beamed plastic hulls.

The only improvement I would like to make is the seating area. I initially bought a comfort seat which is as its name suggests very comfortable. I also added a backrest, ply and foam underneath the coaming so that my knees, back and hips made sound contact.

All seems nice and snug until I am upside down and roll. At the hip flick moment I have to fight to stop my bottom from coming out of the cockpit. The same happens when I am sculling.

I frequently paddle in conditions where a roll may be necessary - I need to sort this out. Any suggestions?

all the best and a happy new year