Wow.. those new Shearwtr'

Posted by Petewp on Jan 18, 2006

Im beside myself. Are those Shearwaters not the hottest things yet? I was basing my next kayak on either an Arctic Hawk or another designers Night Heron. Now we have this Shearwater line. And that sapele!!!!

Im standing to far back now to tell but between the Hawk and Shear... it looks like a tight decision. Im leaning with the 17' Shear tho... oh hell I dont know how it handles from a hole in the wall but the designers sound, the looks are hot...

This is so cool! I just got my CLC catalong, so bear with me folkss if you all have known about the Shearwaters all this time. This is great stuff!!!



  • Amen! by Doug Judd on Jan 19, 2006