Where is everyone?

Posted by Mark Camp on Jan 20, 2006

Posts seem to be down dramatically in recent days. Why?

Maybe the new spam filter is giving people fits?? (Webmaster: please understand, we LOVE it! You are a GENIUS! No more Blackjack and Casino ads!))

Well, if that is the problem, I encourage people to keep posting. The "secret" password that you have to enter is right there on the screen for you (HT4K or something like that.) Read the instructions, man!

Mac, to answer your next question: No, I didn't get it right away either. OK!?! (If it makes you feel WORSE, I thought of a technique to create 4 perfect scarf joints at once, plus all the needed rolling bevels, while pre-forming the endpour and pre-treating the panels to eliminate blush and pinholes, in less that 20 seconds. (I remember it involved a cleverly bent paper clip, a piece of PVC pipe, and a plastic milk jug). But when I went to post it, I didn't enter the new password. Now I can't remember the tip!)