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Posted by BobE on Jan 21, 2006

� not that we would ever compete with the Texas hot dogs. (Is that what they mean by weenies?) Progress pic.�s of my brother�s latest projects:

The Ches 14 is from a CLC kit with a modified glassing schedule among other tweaks. The plan is for a fully glassed & outfitted kayak less than 30 lbs.

The 17 footer is a stretched WR162 plan in 3mm (5� X 10� sheets) with a few other modifications thrown in. A concept we tossed around before the Shearwaters came out.

The Sabalo SOT is an experiment in building with all big box store wood and RAKA glass.

BTW, these boats are built inside the singlewide in which Dave lives. Imagine the progress he could make if he had a separate garage/shop/basement.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.

Ps Tony, thanks for all the detailed photos of your work � fun stuff it is.

progress pictures

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