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Posted by CLC on Jan 23, 2006

The Skerry has a sprit rig, not a gaff rig.

The Skerry's sail was always meant to be reefable, although you'd have to add a row of reef points and an adjustable outhaul scheme. Several sprit-rigged boats of my acquaintance have the sail laced onto the mast like on the Skerry, but the lacing is loose enough to slip over the snotter fairlead. With the addition of a halyard, you can lower the sail in normal "slab reefing" fashion.

To get home in a squall, you can throw off the sprit entirely, "scandalizing" the sail down to a triangle bounded by mast and boom. With this snug rig you couldn't go to weather, but of course all small boat sailors know to only sail upwind of home...

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