Re: Passagemaker Dinghy?

Posted by John P. on Jan 30, 2006


We are building a Passagemaker, Take-Apart, sailing version. We got our kit last summer and have been taking our time as we go along. We are not quite as far along as Peter, but then, he doesn't have three "helpers" to assist him.

This dinghy is intended to serve partially as a tender to our mothership, but mostly as a sailing adventure craft for our kids. They are outgrowing the 8' Dyer dinghy in which they learned to sail, and are looking for a boat in which they can undertake some longer voyages/adventures. We think the Passagemaker fits the bill.

We sailed a demo-boat last year and it handled nicely, with good upwind performance. I would send you a picture of our whole family sailing in a Passagemaker, but I don't have a "URL" for photos. But it was a lot of fun!! - John

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