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Posted by LeeG on Feb 21, 2006

On the Ch18 mentioned in Teds thread the stern was notched out dropping the rudder down the height of the rudder block resulting in the rudder resting right on the deck. It requires a substantial cap of glass reinforcement over the rudder spindle hole where the end pour is exposed. In that set-up the cables ran straight out the sheerclamps,,although I should have used something like drilled through wood wedges what was improved was the on deck installation by covering the end of the rudder. Getting a small round teak winch block I cut it in half with an angled slot so that when the rudder was on deck the end of the rudder sat within a 1 3/8" high round piece of wood. That way any tow lines or hands grabbing around that end of the kayak wouldn't be stuck underneath the stowed rudder. A line dragging across the aft deck would hit the round winch block, pup up and over the end of the rudder blade.

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