Let the Bump-And-Grind

Posted by Robert N Prudenr on Feb 24, 2006

I hear you. I appreciate and have always appreciated being a part of what makes the CLC site a pleasure ot be a part of. John, thanks for being tolerante of WD. Donnie will never be yuour most serious competition but he will always be a worry...I respect you.l will miss my casual visits to the CLC site and the folks I have come to love...Mac and Mark, to name the most obvious. Mac, I'll be nar or in Montreal before you know it parce ce Bon Homme est le meilleure. 'scure my Francais parce ce je suis d' Alberta, pas de Quebec. I have one hella story to tell you if we ever get the chamce. Email me ou addy, I'd love to pay a visit, one Canadian to another.

Vivla Quebec et Canada

They cannot live without the other

(statement by A true Canadian)

Robert N Pruden (my family name is another story)

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