Re: foot braces

Posted by Stephen P on Feb 24, 2006

I am deleting the yakima foot braces from my Pax 18 after three years on the water. I have cut out the old bulkhead and reinstalled a new one based upon where I need a foot brace. This will save a couple of pounds. Old holes through the hull have been patched and glassed.

I had already modified the old foot brace arrangement by placing a board across the old braces so that my feet and ankles could go out straight, avoiding stiff joints and gaining the ability to rotate hips and pump legs.

The only other person to paddle my Pax was one of my daughter's teeneage friends, she didn't need more foot room. How often does anyone else paddle your boat? This is selfish! If they are too big, they is no reason for them to try your boat.

The new bulk head will reduce cockpit volume and I have positioned it so that a three inch closed cell foam foot pad will give me my ideal length. Not that I will ever sell this boat, but a taller paddler could remove the foam and still have room (I am on the short side).

Ergonomics is the main reason to dump foot braces, leaky hulls, condensation, skirt leakage whatever. Avoiding a frog leg twist to your ankles will greatly improve efficiency and comfort.

Stephen P

current project: Guillemot Mystery design by Nick Schade (Eric's Bro). Stip built and modified to 18' x 17.5".

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